Haj Umrah Private Tour Operators Association " was established at Chennai in the year 2014, with 45 member PTOs from Tamil Nadu who have been rendering flawless services to Pilgrims of Haj and Umrah for more than 10 years. Alhamdulillah , now reputed PTOs from all over India have graced this Association by becoming its member and HUPTOA is growing strength by strength.

Objectives of HUPTOA

The main objective of the Association (HUPTOA) is to guide and educate our member PTOs to provide competent and excellent service for Pilgrims going on Hajj and Umrah at very affordable rates. As we see Hajees are being fleeced and are being forced to spend many times more than the value of the services they take because of the existing cartel in the Industry.

Beside This Association works in the legal frame work of bye-laws formed by the Managing Committee, consisting of twelve 12 members and likely to expand with other reputed members from all over India who have joined with HUPTOA recently , the existing committee members have been serving the Association without any remuneration or even an honorarium since its inception. The managing committee regularly holds its Meetings , where in all the decisions are taken after full deliberations and through discussions . The decision of the Managing Committee would prevail upon all the members of HUPTOA , every member is given full liberty to express and share his views and the same shall be taken into consideration within the legal frame work of the Association and executed accordingly.

The Managing Committee of HUPTOA would emphasise to circulate Notifications issued by the Government of India and KSA from time to time to enlighten and guide our member PTOs. We at HUPTOA are therefore committed to extend our utmost co operation and guidance to our member PTOs to face day to day challenge prevailing in the Industry and to render excellent service to the Hajees intending for Haj And Umrah from all over India.